Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Are Weight Loss Drugs Unnatural?

Do you think using weight loss drugs are unnatural?, read the accompanying story and judge for yourself.

Jimmy was stressed out as he had just been dumped again for the umpteenth time. No! He was not a loser at all; he earned handsomely enough to negate the stereotypical loser tag. He had a good bunch of people as friends too. You must be wondering then what the fuss was all about.

Ok let me give you another chance to guess the reason for Jimmy being shunted out again and this time around by Tania, if it is of any consolation to you. Well you have guessed it right; yes, the factor, which drove Tania to leave him out, was the extra baggage that Jimmy was carrying with him. No, I am not talking about a backpack; I am referring to those unwanted pounds of flesh that had gathered around Jimmy’s belly.

What Jimmy wanted was a miracle because after all these setbacks he did not have the courage to go for strict dieting regimes coupled with extreme fitness routines. What he needed was weight loss drugs! Weight loss drugs are the most effective way to lose fats because not everyone is gifted enough to have that strong sense of purpose and persistence to go through tough dieting and extreme exercise routines.

Most of the people will start a dieting routine and will leave it after a while because of one or the other reason. Weight loss drugs are nobody’s favorite at the outset because everyone will say that it is an unnatural way of doing a right thing. However, most of the times we are being unfair and over generalizing without researching about the ingredients of weight loss drugs.

Consumer’s concerns about the side effects of unnatural ingredients have driven most of the manufacturers of weight loss drugs to go for natural ingredients. Hence, this base has been covered pretty well by the weight loss drug sector. Another competitor to the weight loss drugs, which seems to be the talk of the town these days, is the liposuction procedure. Now this is a really drastic and desperate stuff; going under the scalpel just for the sake of losing unwanted pounds seems preposterous to most people but there are some desperate souls out there, I guess.

On one end, people talk about weight loss drugs being unnatural and on the opposite end of the spectrum, you will find those who will pay hefty sums for the liposuction procedure. Startled? Don’t be; let me demystify it for you. Peter starts with a dieting plan, coupling it with an extreme exercising regime. He refuses to take the weight loss drugs because he ‘thinks’ that they are ‘unnatural’.

What happens then? yes you have guessed it right again, he loses the character for the dieting plan and eventually, opts for a completely artificial and extremely dangerous way of losing weight in the form of liposuction. Jimmy has decided that he won’t be banished away from a woman’s company again; he will not allow it to happen again. He has decided that he would start losing weight by using weight loss drugs and would couple it with casual exercises to expedite his progress.

This way he would not have to go for unnatural means for losing weight and he would be certain that he would lose weight for sure.