Wednesday, November 28, 2007

5 Logical Tips To Lose Weight Now!

Do you want to lose weight now? There are many different activities which can help you lose weight. In this article I will tell you of some of these activities. As you read through this article, you will realize that most of these activities are nothing but sound commonsense. But do you actually do them regularly? I bet you don't.

Abstain from sweet drinks - Do you always find yourself reaching out for that sweet beverage? Do you drink a lot of soda and soft drinks every day? Are you extremely addicted to tea and coffee? You may not realize it, but all these drinks and beverages are actually adding up to your fat. The very first step towards weight loss is to replace all these beverages with water and fruit juice. Whenever you find yourself reaching out for your favorite soft drink, drink lots of water instead.

Eat small - A lot of people make the mistake of eating one large meal in a day. The natural fallout of this mistake is that when you become hungry later in the day, you will go to your favorite fast food restaurant and order some junk food. This will further add to your calorie count and make you fatter. To avoid this situation, it is best to eat small meals throughout the day. In fact, you can just break your large meals into several smaller meals and eat them throughout the day. This way, you will never feel hungry and you will get no chance of eating junk food.

Lead an active life - Obesity is very often the natural fallout of a sedentary lifestyle. If you are serious about losing weight, you should become active. You should regularly go for morning walks. Walk up to the places for which you would use your car. Take to the stairs instead of using the elevator.
There is an even greater advantage of becoming active. If you're always on the move, you are less likely to think about eating junk food.

Eat Slowly - You should never eat too fast. Your brain takes some time to realize that your stomach is full. Usually, it takes about 20 minutes to realize it. If you eat too fast, you might have already eaten a lot of food before your brain gives you the signal that you are full.

Workouts - Last but not the least, you should also make it a point of exercising regularly. The best form of exercise is weight lifting. Workouts are also one of the most popular ways of losing weight.